Branches of Government & a Freebie!

Hi Friends….Hope this blog post finds you well!  We just started our unit on the Branches of Government in class this past week and my little ones are really enjoying it.  I have always found that teaching this subject is somewhat difficult for my students to understand and I hadn’t found any materials that I felt did this topic justice….sooooo…I got to work and created a Branches of Government unit that I am really happy with.  I wanted to create a mini-book which would allow me to add the information that I needed my students to learn, but with language they would understand.  Therefore, I created an 8-page mini-book that explains how and why the branches of government were created, what the responsibilities are for each branch and how checks and balances creates equal power among all three branches.

Then….OF COURSE…I had to create a flip flap book for them to write their information in.  We have done so many different flip flap books this year that I haven’t had to give ONE direction on how to to complete the book!  My little ones have become soooo proficient…I am going to be so sad to see them leave me in June 🙁
I also showed them a few short videos about the Branches of Government.  Click the images below to head on over to check them out.

We had many conversations about the framers of the Constitution and why the Constitution was created. We discussed each branch of government, their responsibilities, and how citizens become part of that branch of government.  While we were talking about the Senate’s responsibilities and roles, I had to explain what the word “impeached” meant.  Well…this was an interesting conversation that I quickly had to end when one of my little boys said that one of our presidents was impeached because he cheated on his wife…needless to say I hid my desire to laugh and quickly changed the subject to the Judicial Branch!  I have a class full of very bright students..and sometimes they come out with comments that make me giggle on the inside!

Anywhooooo….they did a FABULOUS job on their flip flap books and learned a ton of information about our government.  Here are some samples of their work.


This is how they look on my bulletin board!


So….that’s our Branches of Government unit in a nutshell!
If you would like to check it out on my Blog Shop, click the image below…
Now…onto the FREEBIE….
I made a quick little writing page for your kiddos to write about The Legislative Branch.  I hope you enjoy using it!
Thanks so much for stopping by!


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