Hatching Chicks…Peep…Peep

hatching chicks in the classroom


Hi Friends…I hope this post finds you all well.  I wanted to share a little bit of Spring with you today 🙂


hatching chicks in the classroom
When I first started teaching second grade, I wanted my students to have a hands-on experience with live animals by doing a life cycle unit.  I chose chicks…of course…aren’t they just the cutest little things!
Unfortunately, I don’t get to do this unit anymore because our Kindergarteners do this unit in their classroom so I had to give it up. Sadsville!!! 🙁  But it was one of my favorite units to teach 🙂
An online friend of mine recently told me that she was going to be hatching chicks with her second graders and I begged her to send me some pics of it because I wanted to blog about this unit for a while.
Here are a couple of adorable videos on Hatching Chicks…
Check out this website of an actual farm.  They have real-time video footage of different types of hatchlings…how adorable is this!!!!
Check out this cool website on Candling your chick eggs.  This is AWESOME!  Candling our eggs was one of my favorite things to do.  It is amazing what you can see inside of the chick egg when you apply light to it.
My sweet friend shared some photos with me of her class hatching chicks this past week and I was sooooo happy to follow along on her fun chick journey through pictures…
Excited little ones checking out the eggs…they didn’t even take off their backpacks…
Getting all warm and cozy in their incubator!




As the students watched their chicks go through their life cycle, they documented the progress of the life cycle in their flip flap book…


hatching chicks activities
The students did observations and kept a log about what they saw as the chicks progressed through their life cycle.





chicks in the classroom
It was a fun time had by all and I am so grateful that my friend took me along for the ride!
If you would like to get your hands on this Hatching Chicks Flip Flap Book, click the image below…
Thanks again for stopping by!


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