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Hey there peeps! I am hoping that you just finished watching our Using Math Manipulatives webinar that I hosted with my good friend, Erica from Erica’s Ed-Ventures over at TPT Headquarters!

We wanted to THANK YOU all for watching and for your great questions! We thought it would be helpful to share some of the resources that we mentioned in the webinar here on our blogs.

If you were unable to catch the webinar, you can still check out the resources we shared by clicking the links below and then hopping over to Erica’s blog.  AND….. Read on to the end of this post for a REALLY FUN SURPRISE 😉

My portion of the webinar focused on HOW I use manipulatives during my small group math instruction by utilizing the C-P-A Approach to teaching mathematics.  The C-P-A Approach is an exceptional presentation sequence to teach new math concepts to students.  It is based in theory and studies conducted by Jerome Bruner (1960).

This approach to teaching mathematics provides students with a deeper understanding of math concepts so that students are gaining a greater conceptual knowledge rather than just procedural knowledge. Utilizing this approach, students are experiencing and discovering mathematics rather than simply just regurgitating it.

My portion of the webinar showed how I move my students through the sequence of learning new math skills using this approach.  All of my lessons focus on a core math manipulative and a very focused use of the math manipulative on my Guided Practice Workmats.

using math manipuatives during small group instruction

Below are the resources that I use and that I shared on the webinar this evening.  You can also check out my VERY FAVORITE math manipulatives by clicking the affiliate links and checking them out on Amazon.
guided math for 3rd grade


using fraction towers for math


using geometry nets for teaching shape attributes


place value discs to helps students with place value

If you are also interested in utilizing Math Stations during you Math Workshop or Guided Math rotations,  check out my Spin-Its Math Stations!  They are so engaging, extremely easy to implement and take very little (if any) prep time to get them set up!

no prep math stations

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


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