Second Grade Guided Math: Counting Money Lesson

I know it can be helpful for you to see how other teachers conduct their lessons. So, in this video, I am showing an entire Guided Math Counting Money lesson from start to finish that I did in my own classroom.


I start by setting a timer for 15 minutes so I keep my lessons on track. Using Guided Practice Workmats, the students use the money manipulatives to complete activities. If you are looking for some examples of Manipulative items I use in my classroom, see my list on ETA hand2mind.


I use the CPA Approach (Concrete Pictorial Abstract) when teaching math. It is highly effective. We work together handling the money as we count, move on to the pictorial representations, and then to the abstract.


In the video, you can see how I use my work mats that are in my Guided Math MONEY Resource. We complete a money counting activity on one side and then flip them over to work on the other side. My students can write on them with dry-erase markers and clean them when we are through so we can use them again.


In the next exercise, we count pictures of money. This moves us from the concrete manipulatives into the pictorial representations. They take their dry erase markers and write the amounts in each box.


After this exercise, the students transition from this Teacher Feature Time to their Workbook Nook to work independently.


I have a wireless doorbell to alert the students that they will transition to the next station. As the first group moves to their independent activity, the next group arrives at the Teacher Table for Teacher Time.


I hope you find this video useful for your own planning in your classroom!

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“I love how detailed these lesson videos are. It helps me to SEE how other teachers conduct their lessons.”


“I love how you set up your units and provide excellent lesson plans (what a blessing!) as well as resources to aid students in their acquisition of learning.”


“Fabulous units! Everything I needed was in one file. Students were engaged and it made my math planning so much easier.”

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