Teach the curriculum


“Teach the curriculum with fidelity.” They say. Absolutely, NOT OKAY!

There is a question, or rather a concern that I get asked all too often.
And it resonates with me so much I wanted to touch on this today.

Have you heard or felt this before?


“I am stressed and overwhelmed, I am not meeting the needs of my students and I do not know what to do about it because I am told that I have to teach the curriculum with fidelity.”


Much like at a Doctors office, we as teachers need to assess our students’ needs. Our students have all different needs, all different struggles, all different challenges. All different learning abilities. Which makes teaching our students with ONE textbook or ONE curriculum so very difficult.


To ensure that this ONE curriculum or ONE teacher textbook is going to meet the needs of ALL of your students is just not a reality.


To say that this is a daunting task is putting it mildly. I understand where you are coming from and I know all too well that it is overwhelming. You are within your right and it is your responsibility to bring this up with those that are telling you that YOU MUST teach the curriculum with fidelity.


However, it is also important to question this in the right way.


In my recent youtube video, I talk about the responsibility we have to our STUDENTS to question the expectation of teaching ANY curriculum with fidelity.



There is no ONE curriculum that will work for ALL of your students. There is not ONE curriculum that will solve ALL of your students learning issues in your classroom.

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