Guided Reading | How to teach Guided Reading to Early Readers Part 2

Hey there friends…

I am so excited to see you back… Did you enjoy my first video that was uploaded Sunday?

If you haven’t checked that out yet… you can start with Video 1 of How I Taught Early Readers here:


When I finally got my act together and put together an actual plan for my lessons, my guided reading block just came together. But it is not easy. And don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. But I will tell you that it was THE BEST thing that ever happened in my teaching career!


Implementing guided reading in your classroom, will take some time… but I believe with this 3 part video series, I can show you that you too can be successful getting guided reading up and running in your classroom.


I struggled in the beginning, as I am sure you have too… but when the pieces started to come together, I started to see amazing results.


I want to help take a little bit of stress and anxiety off of you, and show you what worked for me in my classroom, so that you won’t have the same struggles as I did.


I am so excited, so let’s dive in to Day 2 of my lesson plan of my guided reading book Ready To Quit.


Click the link below to watch it on Youtube:




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