Guided Reading for your Transitional Readers

Guided Reading Transitional Readers

Happy Sunday! How are you? I am sooooo excited to share with you my latest Youtube video that is ALL about Transitional Readers and what I did in my own classroom during my reading block with these readers.


This group is so much fun to work with. Transitional readers have passed the early stages of reading and are around a J/K to P level. They are ready to start reading longer books with longer paragraphs and are so eager to jump in.


They typically have a larger bank of sight words that they know and have decent decoding skills with short vowels, blends, and digraphs. Yet, may still have difficulty decoding words with complex vowel patterns…. and will struggle with difficult multisyllabic words.


So, this group of readers are definitely different from each other and require you to really figure out what each individual student needs so that you can ensure that you are focusing on the areas that they need instruction in.


But don’t let that overwhelm you from really digging in and finding out how you can really help these students flourish to become fluent readers!


In my recent Youtube video, I walk you through exactly what I did in my reading groups for my transitional readers. I share with you how to use different reading strategies and how to figure out what your instructional focus should be using my own book Leading the Parade.


For this stage of reading development, I will figure out WHAT strategies I will be teaching the group BASED on how they are reading the text and I will make sure that I am writing down my observations on my anecdotal notes.


Click the image below to watch right now:

Guided Reading Transitional Readers

If you have any additional questions after you watch, be sure to leave a comment on my Youtube channel or comment below. I am happy to help and will answer as many questions as I can… : )
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