Guided Reading | How to teach Guided Reading to Early Readers Part 3

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

I completely understand how you are feeling right now.

Implementing Guided Reading is not easy.

But don’t be overwhelmed. I have no doubt that you will get going and be successful!

Over the last several weeks I have given you A LOT of information in my last 2 videos… and I really hope that they have been helpful to you as you are working (or getting ready to work in) guided reading instruction in your classroom.

In my 3rd video, in this 3 part Early Readers series, I will be touching on Guided Writing.

Writing was another aspect within my guided reading time that allowed my students to really focus on a small group writing experience. This is a time for you to focus on your small group of learners with their writing.

I really hope that you find Day 3 of your Guided Reading instruction helpful.

Have a question? Leave a comment, or post in the YouTube comments. I will be sure to answer as many as I can!

If you’ve you missed Part 1 & 2 of my Early Readers Video series, click below to catch up:

Part 1:
Part 2:

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