Guided Reading with your Fluent Readers

Guided Reading with Fluent readers

Hey there friends!

Another week, and I have another Video all about advanced readers in the classroom.

This has been a HUGE request over the last several weeks on how I worked with my students who were strong readers. And I am so excited to bring to you exactly that.

Fluent readers are able to read quickly and accurately without effort.

Your fluent readers are typically reading around a Level N/O to P and higher. Most of the students in this category are excellent decoders and are very fluid readers. However, while their reading fluency and decoding skills are usually on point, their comprehension can, at times, not be as strong as you would like them to be, especially while you are reading higher level complex texts.

So, with your fluent readers you want to focus heavily on vocabulary development and higher-level comprehension skills and strategies. And, that is exactly what I will focus on in today’s video. We are going to take a deep dive into my Fluent readers lesson plan and how I instruct these readers during small groups.

Just click the on the image below, and you’ll be taken to my YouTube video all about Guided Reading with your Fluent Readers.

Guided Reading with Fluent readers

If you have any additional questions after you watch, be sure to leave a comment on my Youtube channel or comment below. I am happy to help and will answer as many questions as I can… : )
Love, Anna

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