Ask Anna | Small Group Instruction Series 1

Small Group Instruction Questions

How to effectively implement small group instruction is the #1 question that I receive every single day!


Some of the most common questions or struggles that I hear are…


  • How do I easily differentiate for multiple reading levels?
  • I can’t find the time to PLAN for multiple groups for every day of the week.
  • I don’t have the right materials for all of my groups.
  • “…pulling my groups consistently AND fitting it all in…the struggle is real!”
  • I can’t fit in 4 groups in an hour AND give my students quality instruction.
  • “…Ugh…creating my actual LESSON PLANS… this part is brutal!”
  • “…seriously…I have severe Sunday Night Blues every Sunday trying to figure out my weekly plans.”


I literally get these questions weekly. I even wrote several a couple of blog posts about this, 3 Steps to STREAMLINE Your Guided Reading Instruction and Guided Math: Small Group Instruction.

I had these same struggles and I couldn’t take the struggle and stress anymore! So I made changes! I needed a solution to the problem.

And I found one, small group instruction!

I picked a few of YOUR questions that I have received, and put them in a video, to answer in detail.

Today, I have three common questions that I see and have selected three of yours to share my own tips, how-tos, and systems I have used that have been successful in my own classroom.

Small Group Instruction Questions

So head on over to my YouTube video… Ask Anna Volume 1!

And be sure to leave a comment, or hit reply with your questions about anything, and maybe your question will be next in my Ask Anna series.


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