Reading Is Thinking

Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies – Reading is Thinking!

Hey teacher peeps; it’s me, your Guided Reading pal, with a quick reminder about teaching reading comprehension strategies. As soon as the new school year starts, you should begin teaching your kiddos to understand and use reading comprehension strategies. Whether it’s connected to a read-aloud, shared reading, or...

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Tips for Merging Literacy and Technology

Tips for Merging Literacy and Technology

Teaching children to read…it’s never been an easy task, and there are more than a few new wrinkles that have been added for 21st century educators. (Understatement of the year–or of the century!) Literacy and technology do coexist in our world and in our classrooms. It’s our job...

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Community Worker guided reading lesson

Community Helpers Activity – Happy Labor Day!

Ahhh…Labor Day! For some teachers it’s the last hurrah of summer; however, for others who are already back to school, it’s the first official holiday of the academic year. Either way, we’ll take it! This all-American holiday is an opportunity to step away from lesson planning and take...

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Phases of the Moon Guided Reading Activity

Phases of the Moon Activity for Guided Reading

Hey teacher peeps! With this year being the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, we’ve been over the moon with excitement! There’s something about that big, beautiful sphere in the night sky that ignites the imagination and inspires awe. It happens with all of us–young and old....

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summer activities for teachers 25 tips

Summer Activities for Teachers-25 Tips

Here’s my advice when it comes to summer activities for teachers: live a little! Swap the sensible shoes for flip flops! Ditch the dry erase markers and pick up a popsicle! Go 24 hours without raising your eyebrows and asking someone to “think about how you could have...

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Top 7 Classroom Management Tips

Classroom Management Strategies – 7 Top Tips

Today’s classroom management strategies provide a framework for promoting positive behavior. We’ve all seen those old black & white class photos from the fifties: perfectly straight rows of desks filled with well-behaved, smiling children, each one sitting up straight with hands folded. The teachers stands near the chalkboard,...

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Apps to use to teach Reading

Apps for Teaching Reading 5 Things to Consider

We’ve all run across an old Dick and Jane book while browsing in a thrift shop or antique store; but I must admit, when I see one it makes me thankful it’s the 21st century! There are so many effective and engaging apps available for teaching reading in...

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Strategies List for Fluent Readers

Reading Comprehension Strategies List for Fluent Readers

Hey there, teacher peeps! In this post I want to share with you a useful Reading Comprehension Strategies list to help you plan your Guided Reading instruction for Fluent readers. Comprehension skills and vocabulary building should be the main focus of your teaching time with these students, so...

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Learn 5 Ways to be a Guided Reading Superhero

Teach Reading and Learn 5 Ways to Be a Guided Reading SuperHero

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Reading Comprehension Activities-Emergent/Early/Transitional

The goal of reading is comprehension. Although we need to teach letters, sounds, sight words and phonics, we also need a periodic reminder: Reading comprehension activities are important! The foundational skills we are teaching all lead to the ultimate goal of reading: comprehending the text. Fluency Doesn’t Mean...

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What is Guided Reading That Works?

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m thrilled to finally write this post to introduce Guided Reading That Works! I love my community of 20,000+ elementary school teachers, and I recently polled them to ask about what they experience as they run their Guided Reading groups. These...

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Increase Reading Fluency – 7 Sensational Tips

Fluency–the ability to read accurately, at an appropriate pace, and with appropriate phrasing and expression–is a skill that develops over time and with repeated practice. If you’re a teacher in the primary grades, you know the importance of helping increase reading fluency in your students. Think of yourself...

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