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How I Teach Close Reading (and a FREEBIE!)

Close reading is a critical skill for students to develop, and what could get them more excited to pay attention than creepy, crawly ants? “All About Ants” is the Prepared Passages Trifold we are tackling in the video above and, as you know, kids love bugs. By the end of this session, they love close reading techniques, too! Make a prediction I ask the children if we will be reading fiction or non-fiction—asking them to pay attention to text features…

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How I Organize My Weekly Guided Reading

What I do during guided reading

  I wanted to walk through with you how I do my second grade guided reading groups every week. In this post and video, I will show you how I write my schedule in my planer and then the different activities I do. I keep to the same schedule each week. Mondays I do a making words activity. We work on spelling, decoding and encoding, following directions, listening skills and we always follow a specific phonics rule for the week.…

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U.S. American Symbols – Fun & Interactive!

Hi Friends…. Little bit of a blast from the past..LOL  I posted about my U.S. Symbols unit back in July, but I am sure we were ALL soooooooo not thinking about school…so I thought I would re-post it because this has to be my FAVORITE unit to teach!  So without further ado….. I wanted to share with you how I taught U.S. Symbols this year in my classroom.  In May, during the school year, we had to teach our unit…

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U.S American Symbols = FUN TIMES!

I soooooooo love the summer!  Don’t you?  Even though I am off, I still cannot sleep in…even though I want to!  I’m still up at the crack of dawn!  Oh well….what are you going to do! So since I am awake, I wanted to share with you how I taught U.S. Symbols this year in my classroom.  In May, during the school year, we had to teach our unit on American Symbols during our Social Studies block.  I have been…

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End of the Year ACTIVITY

  I don’t know about you, but my school year ends at the end of June..But I have been thinking about it for a very long time for about a week or so 😉 and decided I better get on the ball and put together my End of the Year activity.  I have always done some type of little scrapbook with my kiddos where they write about certain things that we did throughout the year and then they just illustrate it.…

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Ready for Earth Day!!!!

  I am already gearing up for Earth Day this year!  I am totally excited for this day!  I have worked on my new Earth Day Lapbook and I know my kiddos are going to L.O.V.E. it! Whenever I break out something different, you have to hear the ooohs and the aaaahhs.  It really is cute.  I have this one little girl..bless her heart..that has the sweetest little voice and always says to me…”You make the cutest things.  I love…

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