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The Daily Five Framework in Action: How I Set Up My Work on Writing Station

I receive so many questions about how to implement the Daily 5 Framework in the classroom. (The Daily 5 Framework is a wonderful way to structure a literacy block in the classroom created by the Sisters, Joan Moser and Gail Boushay.) I’m a big fan of this approach. As I have developed it over the past seven years I have seen so much more true, differentiated learning happening in my classroom. I want you to see it in action! In…

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My Word Work Station – Activities and Ideas

A question I get every day is ‘What are your kids doing during Word Work each day?’ In this post and video, I am going to show you exactly the types of activities my students work on during their Word Work station every day. We will review the Must Do and Can Do Activities plus go through the different types of activities I have in my Word Work Station. Every day my students must go to our Word Work station…

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Keep. Them. ENGAGED! Yes YOU Can…with a FREEBIE!

Real Talk… Are you ready?   I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life other than teaching.. but… I AM T.I.R.E.D….with a CAPITAL “T”!   I have the cutest and sweetest group of littles this year…but they are A.C.T.I.V.E. with a CAPITAL “A”!   So I literally have to take this into account with every single lesson I teach this year.  I cannot expect them to stay in their seats for a twenty minute lesson…nope.. not gonna happen..  …

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Grammar FUN for Interactive Notebooks

Hi Friends… I hope this post finds you all well!   I’m sure you know that I have been teaching second grade FOREVER for over 22 years…so I have been teaching the same skills for that long as well.  I don’t know about you, but I get bored pretty quickly and I always need to stir things up a bit in my classroom.  It is rare that I do the same activities from year to year.  I have to change it…

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