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How I Teach Cause and Effect During a Guided Reading Group

If you have ever struggled to teach cause and effect in your classroom, watch the video above or read on! I’m sharing one of my very favorite teaching techniques step-by-step. You won’t believe how much it helps students link events in a story with their outcomes quickly and easily, forward and back, every single time. It’s so fun to teach, too! What is Going to Happen When I tell my students we are going to read our story of the…

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Making Words: How I conduct a Word Work lesson during a Guided Reading Group

I wanted to show you how I take my students through a Word Work session during a Guided Reading Group. The video above shares the highlights of a recent lesson that I implemented, and the steps I follow are explained below. I introduce my students to our focus for our lesson and explain what it means in easy-to-understand terms. In the group shown above, we were concentrating on learning the long A sound. I ask if anyone can tell me…

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My Word Work Station – Activities and Ideas

A question I get every day is ‘What are your kids doing during Word Work each day?’ In this post and video, I am going to show you exactly the types of activities my students work on during their Word Work station every day. We will review the Must Do and Can Do Activities plus go through the different types of activities I have in my Word Work Station. Every day my students must go to our Word Work station…

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How I Organize My Weekly Guided Reading

What I do during guided reading

  I wanted to walk through with you how I do my second grade guided reading groups every week. In this post and video, I will show you how I write my schedule in my planer and then the different activities I do. I keep to the same schedule each week. Mondays I do a making words activity. We work on spelling, decoding and encoding, following directions, listening skills and we always follow a specific phonics rule for the week.…

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Do you use Pearson Reading Street??

Hey there friends…I wrote a post a while back with some of the activities that I do using our new reading program from Pearson called Reading Street.  It’s a good program with some fun stories, however, I felt like I needed to add a little of “myself” into the program so I jazzed up a few of the units with some craftivities and other fun things 🙂  Here is just a sample of some of the things that I did…

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Pearson Reading Street Program

Wow…have I been M.I.A…Doesn’t the end of school just kill you?  I know I am shot!  So much to still accomplish and not enough time! I wanted to just let you know about how my year went implementing Pearson’s Reading Street Program ! This was my second year doing Reading Street (2011 Series), and I thought it went really well.  The first year I was just getting to know the program and how to implement all that was in the…

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Reading, Math, and a Hurricane named Sandy

Well….it has definitely been difficult these last ten days.  We didn’t have any power or a generator so we had to move out of our house for a bit and now we don’t have INTERNET!!!  This might just be even worse than not having any power!!!  What am I going to do without any internet for 10 more days!!!!!!! 🙁 Anywooooooo… On to school…. We have been busy…busy…busy working through our Reading Street weekly units and working through Singapore Math…

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