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Making Words: How I conduct a Word Work lesson during a Guided Reading Group

I wanted to show you how I take my students through a Word Work session during a Guided Reading Group. The video above shares the highlights of a recent lesson that I implemented, and the steps I follow are explained below. I introduce my students to our focus for our lesson and explain what it means in easy-to-understand terms. In the group shown above, we were concentrating on learning the long A sound. I ask if anyone can tell me…

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Learning our Short Vowels!

Hi Friends… UGH….my summer is almost coming to and end and I am ACTUALLY starting to think about my classroom and the first few weeks of school!  I basically have my first week planned out, but the second week of school we hit the ground running with content…content….content!  LOL The first week of our reading series expects us to TEACH and REVIEW ALL…. yes… I said.. ALL…  of the short vowels.  I guess “people” expect second graders to come INTO…

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