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The Daily Five Framework in Action: How I Set Up My Work on Writing Station

I receive so many questions about how to implement the Daily 5 Framework in the classroom. (The Daily 5 Framework is a wonderful way to structure a literacy block in the classroom created by the Sisters, Joan Moser and Gail Boushay.) I’m a big fan of this approach. As I have developed it over the past seven years I have seen so much more true, differentiated learning happening in my classroom. I want you to see it in action! In…

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My Word Work Station – Activities and Ideas

A question I get every day is ‘What are your kids doing during Word Work each day?’ In this post and video, I am going to show you exactly the types of activities my students work on during their Word Work station every day. We will review the Must Do and Can Do Activities plus go through the different types of activities I have in my Word Work Station. Every day my students must go to our Word Work station…

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How I Organize My Weekly Guided Reading

What I do during guided reading

  I wanted to walk through with you how I do my second grade guided reading groups every week. In this post and video, I will show you how I write my schedule in my planer and then the different activities I do. I keep to the same schedule each week. Mondays I do a making words activity. We work on spelling, decoding and encoding, following directions, listening skills and we always follow a specific phonics rule for the week.…

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Word Work..Plus Some Freebies :)

In my last post, I posted some activities, thoughts, and pictures about my Word Work Centers during my Daily 5 Rotations.  I made a new product for my TPT store for 5 Word Work Activities… can check it out here… Here are a few freebies that I use in my Word Work Center… Work Work Recording Sheet Alphabet Cube Game Word Work Recording Sheet 2 Stamp a Word Word Work Recording Sheet Jumbo Stamps I put some of my older alphabet…

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Daily 5….Word Work!

Daily 5…..Word Work We have been working very hard in class to get our Daily 5 centers running smoothly.  Things have been going very well, especially with my Word Work Center.  I am so happy that it is up and running and the students LOVE going to it!  I created 10 Word Work stations that can be used over and over again throughout the year.  Most of the word work revolves around our spelling words, high frequency words, and amazing…

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