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What is Guided Math that Works?

Hey there friends… This post has been a YEAR in the making!  I am SO EXCITED to share this with all of you! I have received hundreds of e-mails, Facebook messages, and DM’s on Instagram asking me if I am able to travel to schools around the country to offer my Professional Development services around Guided Math.  Here are just a few…   Honestly, every time I received one of these messages, I would get this stabbing feeling in my…

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How I Failed my Students – And What I did About It!

I’m about to get real with all of you… real and raw… You ready? I hope so… because I feel SUPER uncomfortable sharing this story with all of you. BUT… I am 100% sure of my WHY… My WHY for sharing this with you. My WHY is because I want you to know YOU are not alone!  Teaching is HARD..honestly.. It’s probably one of the hardest jobs in the world because we actually have so many jobs all wrapped up…

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Second Grade Guided Math: Counting Money Lesson

I know it can be helpful for you to see how other teachers conduct their lessons. So, in this video, I am showing an entire Guided Math Counting Money lesson from start to finish that I did in my own classroom.   I start by setting a timer for 15 minutes so I keep my lessons on track. Using Guided Practice Workmats, the students use the money manipulatives to complete activities. If you are looking for some examples of Manipulative…

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Guided Math: Small Group Instruction

small group instruction, small math groups, guided math small groups,

Today we will talk about my Guided Math Small Group Instruction! My Small Group Instruction takes place every day. I meet with each group for 15-20 minutes. I always start with my Strategic Intervention group. All of my small group lessons revolve around one of my Guided Practice Workmats that is directly correlated to the skill that we are working on. All of my workmats are put in clear page-protectors and my students use dry-erase markers and math manipulatives on top…

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Guided Math: Get Your GROOVE On with Guided Math

Guided Math Components

Get Your Groove On with Guided Math Blog Series Hi Friends… Welcome to my NEW blog series called Get Your Groove On with Guided Math! At the end of this 10-week series, you will learn the ins and out of All Things Guided Math and I am so excited you have decided to join me on this journey! It is going to be a fun ride. So buckle up… and let’s get crack-a-lackin on learning all about Implementing Guided Math…

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Guided Math and Math Stations

Learn All About Guided Math   Hi Friends….  Are you interested in learning all about GUIDED MATH? If so, head on over to my brand new blog series called Get Your Groove on with Guided Math!   In this new blog series, you will learn the ins and out of All Things Guided Math! Starting with the components of Guided Math. There are 9 basic components of Guided Math. Below I will give you a brief overview of each component and then…

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