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How I Failed my Students – And What I did About It!

I’m about to get real with all of you… real and raw… You ready? I hope so… because I feel SUPER uncomfortable sharing this story with all of you. BUT… I am 100% sure of my WHY… My WHY for sharing this with you. My WHY is because I want you to know YOU are not alone!  Teaching is HARD..honestly.. It’s probably one of the hardest jobs in the world because we actually have so many jobs all wrapped up…

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Guided Math: Fact Fluency

fact fluency, math fact fluency, timed fluency tests, guided math fact fluency

Let’s chat about Fact Fluency today!   Another activity that I expect my students to work on when they complete their Workbook Nook work or Math Stations work is to practice their Fact Fluency. This activity is done AFTER they complete a Math Journal or during the next rotation when they have additional time before the bell rings. I have a few different activities that my students can choose from. They practice their facts using Hot Dots ( #EducationalConcepts )…

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Guided Math: Math Journals

guided math, guided math journals

Let’s chat about Math Journals today!   “What should I do now?” How many times have you heard those words? A LOT, I’m sure! But not anymore! When my students are in Workbook Nook (independent work) or Math Stations, they have about 15-20 minutes to finish their activity. Many times they finish their work prior to the end of the rotation, so it is important that the students have additional activities to fill the rest of the rotation time. One…

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Guided Math: Math Stations

guided math stations, math stations, math centers, organizing math stations

Let’s chat about Math Stations today! Remember when I said CONSISTENCY IS KEY to Guided Math Success? Well… That is 100% true especially when your students are working in Math Stations. How many times have you put out Math Stations or Centers and your students constantly come up to you with question after question, even after you explained the directions?? Yep…I know the answer is A LOT! There is a solution to this, though. It’s all about CONSISTENCY and REVIEW! ALL…

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Guided Math & Math Stations {Part 2}

  Hi Friends…. Head on over to my BRAND NEW blog series called…. Get Your Groove on with Guided Math!  HERE ARE THE 9 BASIC COMPONENTS OF GUIDED MATH: {Click each LINK below to read a more IN DEPTH blog post about each component.} Organization Flexible Grouping Managing Rotations Whole Group Instruction Small Group Guided Instruction Independent Practice Math Stations Math Journals Fact Fluency Click the image below to head on over and read my updated Guided Math blog posts!…

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Guided Math and Math Stations

Learn All About Guided Math   Hi Friends….  Are you interested in learning all about GUIDED MATH? If so, head on over to my brand new blog series called Get Your Groove on with Guided Math!   In this new blog series, you will learn the ins and out of All Things Guided Math! Starting with the components of Guided Math. There are 9 basic components of Guided Math. Below I will give you a brief overview of each component and then…

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Guided Math and Penguin Math Center Activities

Penguin Math Day During Guided Math I LOVE penguins…Honestly…If I could I would have one as a pet! Since I love them so, I decided to have a Penguin Math Day.  And what better day to do it, but before a break!!!  The kids had a BALL!!! Normally, I would put these activities in my math center and have the students work on these during our center rotation.  But, I couldn’t wait to use them so Penguin Math Day we…

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Guided Math Activities for the Holidays

Hi Everyone….I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your Family and Friends 🙂 I just finished a couple of new activities that I am going to be using with my little ones over the next couple of weeks. Guided Math Centers I LOVE Penguins..if I could have one as a pet I would.  I just think they are super cute….so…I made this activity for my kiddos to work on a variety of Number Sense skills. They will work…

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